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English Country Dance
Formal Ball

There are only a few English Country dances left this season.

The grand finale will be the formal evening ball on Saturday May 21st at:

The Masonic Temple
80 Broadway, downtown Asheville


Formal attire is not required, but those choosing to so adorn themselves will be admired by all.

Come out an enjoy the elegance, formal flirtation, and laughter of this wonderful dance genre.

Dances will resume in September

Whirling Weight

When done right, a contra line is more fun than a carnival ride.

The trick is to be always ‘giving weight.’ Consider one of those dances where you allemand left your neighbor, allemond right the next in line, allemond left, etc.

If you are leaning out with your left hands joined, you can launch each other into the next where you catch right hands and lean on them. It’s a really sweet sensation, like Tarzan and Jane swinging through the trees.

And if you give each other a little push, you’ll naturally add a twirl in the transition.

That same feeling can be had in any of the contra moves where you’re touching. Consider chaining the ladies into a lefthand star. If you give weight on the courtesy turn you can use that momentum to catch on to the star, which then turns like a spinning playground ride.

One of the most sublime feelings of the dance is to be propelled out of the last group of four, into a new neighbor, and you catch each other in a swing or allemond with perfect timing and weight.
editor: Dennis Merritt


May/June 2011

Sign up now for Splash Dance 2011. This year promises to be one of the best yet.

The stage will provide a tremendous opportunity for all aspiring musicians to play along with some of our best local talent.

The musicians leading the jam bands, include names like:

Roger Gold, Laura Lengnick, Lew Gelfond, and Nic Coker from bands such as:

Steam Shovel, Land of Sky and Appalachian Storm.

See the Web site for a full list.

For the dancers, the music will carry the excitement generated by these talented musicians backed by a wall of sound you simply can’t get with a small band.

The calling will be coordinated by:

Diane Silver

so the program will contain an excellent mix of dances, delivered by a variety of experienced and up and coming callers.

All happening in a family friendly, affordable, relaxing, summer camp environment.

Come see why many of the regulars consider this to be the best dance weekend of the year.

Register Online, or by Mail
August 26-28

Playing Contra Music

Laura Lengnick has written a great introduction to the art of playing for a contra dance.

So You Wanna Play Dance Music

Thursday Car Pooling

The price of gas is going up! Ride together to the Thursday OFB dance from Asheville. Meet at Earth Fare in the West Asheville Westgate mall before 7:30 to share a ride.