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Overdue Thanks

There is a group of OFB dancers that do a great service to the dance community that have not been recognized lately.

I am speaking about those experienced dancers that come, almost every week, before 7:30 in order to take part in the beginner’s lessons each week. They give one-on-one help to the beginners during the lessons, greatly enhancing the learning experience. Better trained beginners lighten the caller’s load and increase the enjoyment of everyone when the dance begins.

I have asked a  few of them why they put this time in. The answer is almost universal. They get a lot of satisfaction in getting these new comers off on the right foot. They know that if they can get them started out with the right attitude that they are much more likely to continue dancing and eventually get the enjoyment that we all experience.

These dancers are one reason that the Asheville dance scene is constantly growing and so vibrant.  Thanks!

David Stalnaker
President OFB


For those of you that are not aware, These two organizations have teamed up to put on 2 dances at the downtown YMCA. The plan is to put on a dance on the 4th Saturday of the month for now and maybe twice per month in the future.

The floor is wonderful. The air condi-tioner, which turned off due to a timer during the first dance, was rocking the second one. I believe the caller was wearing a scarf to keep warm.

The biggest problem that we face is the sound attenuation. While the music came through pretty well, it was hard to under-stand the callers during the walk-throughs if you were in the back ¼ of the line. When everyone cooperated and kept quiet, it was much better.

We look forward to seeing lots of dancers in the coming months so that we can have a regular Saturday night dance in Asheville again.


September/October 2010

Next YMCA/OFB Dance

Saturday, August 28th 7:30 lesson, 8:00 dance at the Asheville YMCA.

Steam Shovel
with Charlotte Crittendon

Splash Dance

Splash Dance was a wonderful mix of meals, relaxation, swimming, and, oh yes dance.

The musicians all donate their time for this special dance weekend. Special thanks to Karen, Lew, Pearl, Ben, Laura, Suzanne, Roger, and everyone else I forgot including all the community players.

These musicians come from some of our best local bands, which happen to also be some of the best contra bands in the country, such as Hot Sonata and Land of Sky, both of which played for the Friday night dance.

Thanks to Diane for organizing our up-and-coming calling talent.

Six full meals in the dining room! Thanks to Harriet for all the, again, purely volunteer work, in pulling off the kitchen miracles, and Judith for Saturday’s gourmet lunch.

It wouldn’t have happened without the pre-planning and setup work of Mark, Gari, Owen, Steve, and everyone else who pitched in and helped.

And a special thanks to John Combs and Catherine Bradley who has masterminded the dance for all these years.

Thanks John & Catherine!

Dancing on the Pier

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