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Splash Dance & The Thursday Jam Band

Splash Dance was a blast, great music, great calling, great food, great venue, and we had a blob. One person jumps off a high board on to a big air cushion in the water, and another person, at the far end of the cushion, gets launched into the air when the first person hits.

This year the format for the music had, at each of the dances, two of our top local musicians leading open bands. The result was a great orchestral sound.

What this has to do with next Thursday is, that if you missed Splash Dance, or didn't and really liked the music, then that's exactly what we'll have this coming Thursday with Laura Lengnick and Karen Gaughan leading the Open Jam Band and flat-footing Terry Doyle leading the open mic.

Musicians bring your instruments, callers bring your cards, dancers bring your shoes, and

Bakers bring a pie and/or cake to share at the break and get $3 off! Plus enter a drawing for one of two free ofb memberships.


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September/October 2011

The Advanced Dance and the Y Dance

The two new OFB dances have continued to grow and evolve over the last year, and each has begun to have it's own distinctive flavor.

The Advanced Dance is drawing a crowd of dancers who enjoy dancing in a line with experienced dancers who give good weight, are reasonably close on timing, make good eye contact, don't need walk throughs except for the more complex dances, and most important, can laugh off the inevitable errors that give a contra dance it's spice.

If you've been going to the Advanced Dance, or even if you haven't, help us with a survey at:

Advanced Dance Survey

The YMCA/OFB dancers have been enjoying air-conditioned comfort over the summer, and the pleasures of a multi-generational crowd, with a good mix of dancers from 7 to 70 and a mix of dancing talent that leaves all the dancers smiling.

The music and calling, as always, has been fantastic for both dances.

English Country Dance New Venue

The ECD has moved to historic Montford:

Homewood Event and Conference Center
19 Zillicoa St.
Asheville, NC 28801

The Blob! Splash Dance