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The Monday Night Dance at the Grey Eagle

A Monday Night Dance

The Monday Night Dance has been run by Jeff and Diane Baker for over 12 years. Thanks to both of them for the years of dedication and giving to the dance community. It is currently run by Dennis Merritt with some help from friends. It's at the Grey Eagle pub, 185 Clingman Ave., in Asheville. It is not officially associated with the OFB, except in that we're all part of the Asheville dance community.

The 2013 Feb 25 celebration for Jeff and Diane was a blast. Click here for video and photos.

Dancing starts at 8:00; cost is $7. NEW! -- Beginner lesson at 7:30.

Here's a fun video by Erik Olsen featuring Cailen Campbell and David Brown. Video

Perpetual eMotion (electronic sound) w/Beth Molaro: video

Jamie Laval and Roger Gold (Celtic flavor) w/Beth Molaro: video

John Herrmann and Meredith McIntosh (old time) w/Jesse Edgerton: video

Contraversial (Cailen Campbell & David Brown) w/Charlette Crittenden: video

Sandlin, behind the bar when Martin isn't there, takes portraits of Grey Eagle performers, and one night decided to take portraits of patrons, so here's some of the people at the Monday night dance: Sandlin's portraits

Contra Community Benefit and Fund Raising Waltz

Each year we have a waltz to raise money for a fund used to help members of our dance community in need.


For booking or other inquiries, contact us.




Monday Night DanceRyan McKasson and George PaulTerry Doyle
Monday Night DanceHoliday Benefit Waltz Evening
Monday Night DanceGood & PlentyKaren Gaughan piano, Laura Lengnick fiddle, Bruce Black percussionBeth Molaro
Monday Night DanceNo Dance This Week. Merry Christmas. NO DANCE TONIGHT.

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